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The actual vineyard is the starting place to obtain quality wines. At Viñázagros wineries, the entire production process is meticulously controlled.



The winery has it own vineyards. The prevalent variety is garnacha, which is the main variety in the Campo de Cariñena region. It adapts very well to the climate of the area as it is very resistant. It is characterised by its low acidity and the wine obtained with them is fruity, rich in flavour, with spicy touches and soft colour.

Control by land plot is carried out in the vineyards both with respect to the treatment of plagues and the production.

Manual harvesting

Manual harvesting

The only grape collection system is manual, in 15-kilo crates.This is essential to guarantee the quality and health of the wine. The bunches are meticulously selected in order to guarantee that the grapes arrive whole, healthy, clean and sufficiently ripened. After transporting the bunches, the grapes are selected again at the entry into the winery to obtain signature wines with different aromas and flavours.


Depositos acero inoxidable Barrica Roble americano y francés

The fermentation takes place in 8000-litre capacity stainless steel vats with controlled temperature. All our wines undergo long fermentation periods with the skin to give the wines character. Ageing in French and American oak barrels which provides the wines with the correct balance.

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